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Tax Problems



Are you among the millions of Americans with Tax Problems? There are many reasons why we have a tax debt or need to correspond with the IRS or State Agency to avoid a tax debt. Maybe you received a notice of proposed changes to your tax return and don’t know how to respond.


You may be faced with an audit that challenges deductions or schedules from your tax return. Unreported income or income that does not match the information the IRS has on record, are very common issues. Unfiled tax returns or simply unpaid tax liabilities because you don’t have the money to pay.


Whatever you tax problem, it is important to understand your situation and respond before your tax debt turns into an enforceable collection action. This could mean wage garnishment, bank levy and asset seizure. When you owe the government money, or when they think you owe them money, they will do whatever they legally can to collect. So don’t throw away those notices.

Tax Solutions



There are different Tax Solutions for different Tax Problems. Whether you received a computerized notice, have an audit to handle, past due tax returns to file or tax liabilities past due, the first step is to understand the process and which program correctly fits your specific situation.

Don't fall victim to the television ads that claim they can settle your IRS debt for pennies on a dollar. The internet is chock full of people who fell for this scam and it cost them thousands of dollars they didn't have to begin with. It's a scam.

This doesn't mean your debt can't be negotiated and settled, it means that there are certain criteria that have to be met. If you have positive cash flow and equity in your assets, you can bet the IRS will want a piece of this if you owe them money.

Your tax problem may not seem complicated, but the solution to the problem may be extremely complex. Consider a consultation with a Tax Expert such as an EA (Enrolled Agent) to discuss your tax situation.

Enrolled Agents are America's tax experts. EAs are the only federally-licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. EAs pass a stringent and comprehensive examination covering both individual and business tax returns. The Enrolled Agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards.

During an initial consultation the EA can help to determine what steps need to be taken next. Whether you are a candidate for an offer in compromise and/or installment plan or need to appeal, the EA has the expertise needed to proceed in your best interest while following the required procedures.

Tax code  and regulations are very complex and Congress is continually changing the tax laws. Enrolled Agents take continuing education courses every year to keep up with these changes. It is important to choose a tax professional , who keeps up with the rules and regulations and uses this expertise to get you the best possible tax resolution.


Please contact Michelle Moglia EA for your FREE Consultation.

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